Better Business

Help for Small Business

Establish a Minister for Business.

Expand the role of the Economic Development Directorate to include an Office of Small Business.

Work directly with small business to assist with starting up, operations and growth.

Ensure rules around fast tracking payments to small businesses are effective.

Progressively reduce payroll tax for businesses earning <$10m pa.

Outdoor Dining and Pop-Up Food Outlets

Remove excessive charges for outdoor dining and pop-up food outlets.

Provide more locations for operations.

Provide broad rules which allow a practical approach for an increased number of outdoor dining and pop-up food options for diners.

Leverage the Success of the Light Rail

Deliver Light Rail to Woden and further, as a rolling infrastructure program.

Develop and implement master plans for mixed use precincts around light rail stops.

Explore using public/private partnerships for big developments and infrastructure projects.

Reinvigorate Business Development

Reinvigorate the Business Development Strategy of 2015.

Invest in long term innovation pipelines, including research, development, concept proofing and commercialisation infrastructure.

Build up the Local Food Industry

Develop and implement an urban agriculture plan to decrease our food’s transport footprint.

Build upon local farmers’ markets with greater frequency and locations.

Become World Leaders in Waste Management

Co-fund a Bio-Plastic production plant, which will reduce plastic pollution, create jobs, and encourage industry innovation in the use of biodegradable plastic.

Co-fund a Recycling Plant to recycle and re-purpose plastic and other waste, which will reduce waste, create jobs, and create a potential export market.

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