Better Services

Better Building and Planning

Revise land use policy.

Close development loopholes.

Raise minimum standards.

Stick with agreed plans.

Pursue developers who do the wrong things.

Improve Public Health

Increase access to bulk billing.

Develop an improvement plan for ACT hospitals by assessing performance against other states, drawing on data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

Conduct a comprehensive cultural ‘health check’ of the ACT health system and establish what needs to be done to improve it.

Continue higher level of funding for family
violence and mental health services, as provided during the COVID-19 crisis.

Decrease Homelessness & Increase
Housing Affordability

Pilot ‘tiny home’ estates.

Increase emergency housing options.

Eliminate/reduce land tax for landlords who offer rents 30% below market value; eliminate land tax from ancillary residences (eg. granny flats).

Reform the Lease Variation Charge to encourage more affordable and diverse housing options in established suburbs.

In addressing the root causes of homelessness, improve access to care for people with mental health and comorbidities.



Ensure Sustainable Buildings

Consolidate the ACT public service into
sustainable, eco-friendly, easily maintained

Ensure all new ACT public housing is eco-
friendly, and renewably powered.

Increase Active Transport

Develop a comprehensive cycling & active transport infrastructure plan.

Incentivise electric bike use as an alternative to motor vehicles.

Develop more recreational cycling and walking trails across the ACT.

Bring on high-speed rail

Work with the Federal Government and the NSW State Government to establish a clean high-speed rail link between Canberra and Sydney which will create jobs and enhance economic development and growth.

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