2020 ACT Election Candidates


Therese Faulkner

Hi - I’m Therese Faulkner. I joined the Progressives in 2017, and ran as a candidate in the 2019 federal election.  I am horrified at the gradual erosion of ethics, accountability and transparency in Australian politics.  This can lead to a state where money is power – where policy is determined by the wealthy and privileged.  Fixing this starts with our local community and local government.  We need sensible alternative voices in the legislative assembly to ensure that progress in the ACT is underpinned by transparent processes and solid principles, policies and actions.  I have the skills, experience and personal attributes to do this.  I’ve lived and worked in the ACT for more than 40 years, attending school and raising my children here.  I’ve worked at senior executive levels in the Australian Public Service and in private enterprise, and have been an active participant in the community through sporting activities and the arts.


Peta Swarbrick BRYANT

My name is Peta Swarbrick Bryant and I fell in love with Canberra when I moved here twenty years ago with my Hackett born husband, to raise our family in this gorgeous bush capital. I have lived all over the world, I’ve had several careers, raised children, been a student, I’ve experienced hardship,  been unemployed, been fired, started a business. I’ve managed a household, nursed a parent, stayed married, sent my kids off to Uni and juggled relationships. In other words I’ve lived a life like yours, I’ve experienced the highs and lows of life , it’s trials and frustrations, joys and challenges. That is what I will bring to government as your elected representative, life experience, business experience, community experience. Like you, I want this territory, our  community, our Canberra, to be the best it can be. The best solutions to our challenges come from a community empowered by collaboration and consultation, with a government that listens. That is my mission, to use the knowledge and experience of the community, to listen, learn and deliver the best quality of life to all Canberrans. I will advocate for transparency and true consultation. I will hold the government to account, for our community. I am passionate about issues of inequality, increasing homelessness, and the shamefully high incarceration rates of Aboriginal women in ACT gaols. I’m concerned about the wealth of developers and the lack of affordable housing, and the cuts to social services. Canberra should be leading the country in innovation, public transport and education and we aren’t. Our hospitals are are not coping, and we are letting many members of our community down. We can do better. I want to hold the  government to account for the many targets for a better Canberra, set but not met, year after year. It’s been 20 years without an effective opposition or real challenge to their agenda. Our government no longer holds itself to account, it no longer consults, it no longer thinks it has to answer to the community. I think it does, and we need your vote to be able to do that work on behalf of your community in the Legislative Assembly come October 2020. We can do better. Demand better. Will you join us?

Tim Böhm

Tim Böhm here, I’m a born and bred Canberran. I grew up here, went to school here and have run a successful business here for the past 15 years. I think Canberra is the best city in the world, but it could be much better. For too long, we have blindly trusted the major political parties to do the right thing, but they haven’t. They have failed us on many levels. I want Canberrans to have a world-class health and education system, and a future where my kids and everyone’s kids have a bright, clean, and healthy environment. I believe that all members of any elected government should act ethically, be accountable and be responsible. I am committed to tackling corruption in all forms and to promoting principles of integrity and accountability in all of my endeavors. My hope is the Progressives make the first steps in breaking the unfair cycle that the major parties have on the local and federal political system. I want the Progressives to provide a new fresh progressive and independent alternative for Canberra voters.


Robert Knight

I’m Robert Knight, a Canberran by birth who left town at 18 years of age to pursue a career in the Australian Defence Force. After 21 years of service living and working in all corners of Australia, and some overseas as well, it was an easy choice to come home and raise a family here. Canberra is a great city and my family and I love living here, but I think it should be an even greater place to live - for all of us. I’m concerned about growing inequality, particularly when it comes to housing affordability and the cost of living. I’m frustrated by our Government who seem to think they don’t have to pay attention to us, and the ineffective opposition doing nothing to hold them to account. I’m running because I think I can do a better job. I reckon we all say ‘enough’ with self interested politicians, and Demand Better. We deserve it.

Stephen Lin

Hello, Canberra. I am Stephen Lin, a native of Wuhan, Central China. I have lived and worked in Queensland most of my last 24 years since my arrival in Australia in 1995. I moved to Canberra to seek better public school for my three children who are under 8. And soon I have found that Canberra should be better. We demand better, can make it better, and we build better. Through years of experience gained as community lawyer, disability advocate and multiculturalism promoter, I have developed sensitivity to social issues and felt strongly about the reforms we desperately need in ACT. The current political structure has built a status quo benefiting major parties. Their complacency means Canberra cannot reach its potentials. Canberra Progressives is a good alternative to shake them up and cater community needs in public education, free medical service, better environment, more social entrepreneurship. CP can achieve positive changes through our participation into the policy debate, campaigning and ultimately law-making. CP can aim at holding the balance of power by gaining 1 or 2 seats in the upcoming election. I am keen to be part of team to bring changes. I offer myself as your Candidate.


Bethany Williams

My name is Bethany Williams and I was bitten by the political bug a couple of years ago after my frustration with the Australian political system grew to such a point that instead of “getting mad”, I decided to try and “get elected”.
I grew up in Broulee on the South Coast, but came to Canberra post-high school, and after moving around the country for a while, I came back to Canberra in 2000 as it was the only place that felt like home. I know it’s the best city in Australia to live, but there are some frustrations growing in the community that I want to address. The Barr government has been in power for too long and we need to bring more scrutiny and objectiveness into the Legislative Assembly. We need politicians who are truly engaged with the community – all the time, not just at election time. We need to make sure that development and growth is spread evenly across the ACT, and that more forethought and research is done before commencing new developments. I want the community to continue to thrive by putting more resources back into sports and healthy lifestyles. I have a vision for the lake to be an incredible destination for everyone to use, and I will advocate for any development on the lake to be for everyone (such as a South bank QLD style beach and swimming facility by the lake). Not just those with money (the proposed new apartment development).
I’m committed and determined to make sure that Canberra remains the best city in Australia to live.

Mike Stelzig

I'm Mike Stelzig. I've been working in the ACT for 13 years. The ACT has potential to excel and provide state of the art services, planning and living. Since coming to the ACT in 2007, I have seen a steady decline in the quality, affordability and overall planning ability of the Territory government. Hospitals are overfilled, there's a lack of qualified health professionals and specialists and I find it astounding that to get specialist treatment that I have to travel interstate. There's only one way forward for democracy in the ACT - that's to elect representatives who are not bound by right or left wing ideology, unions, industry, religious or any other particular lobby group. I stand for empathy over fear and ethics over influence. I will make evidence based decisions and won't be guided by mere opinion. I will serve the ACT electorate and not those who donate to the party.


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