Better Future

Improve Schools and Education

Establish a grants scheme for school P&Cs.

Real needs-based funding model to ensure equality of opportunity for every student in the ACT.

Adopt world best practice in educator training and assessment.

Fund more teachers to reduce teaching load and provide time for teachers to pursue professional development during work hours.

Enhance Community Connection

Create community hubs by providing more community gardens, local libraries, quality playgrounds, and local community facilities.

Direct the suburban land agency to focus on building close knit, walkable neighbourhoods based on good urban design.

Implement an urban growth boundary to prevent urban sprawl.

Improve community focus of town centres in Woden, Tuggeranong, Belconnen, and Gungahlin.

Address Climate Change Locally

Reduce transport emissions by encouraging use of buses and trams instead of cars - ability to purchase an Annual MyWay Card for $50.

Explore incentives to purchase electric and hybrid cars, and incentivise electric bike use as an alternative to motor vehicles.

Expand the role of the Commissioner for
Sustainability and the Environment to oversee the development of public, utility scale renewable energy infrastructure within the ACT.


Make Canberra Greener

Implement a greening program for all buildings and public spaces in the town centres.

Create incentives for developers to provide green roofs and walls on new buildings.

Use rainwater and recycled water for urban uses such as watering street trees and urban agriculture.

Embrace Multiculturalism

Complement school-based languages education with a community languages program administered by the ACT Government.

Introduce a flexible one-day public holiday for individual Canberrans to decide as the day they celebrate a cultural or religious event of their choosing.

Voice, Treaty and Truth for First Nations

An enshrined First Nations’ Voice to the Legislative Assembly.

A Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making, and oversee a process of truth-telling.

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