Political Funding Policy

In government a primary objective of the Party will be ending all private money in the political system and institute a public funding policy.

All donations to the Party (Canberra Progressives) will be capped at $4000 over four years.

Donations will provide No access and No influence. All donors of amounts of $1000 or over will sign an agreement that access or influence will not be sought. These agreements and the donation amount will be made publicly available within 14 days.

No anonymous gifts over $150, with donors making donations under that amount encouraged to disclose.

No donations will ever be accepted from:

  1. Any business involved in environmental destruction including:
    1. Fossil fuel extraction
    2. Logging or widespread land clearing
    3. Irresponsible water use including mass diversion of river flows
  2. Any religious organisation.
  3. Any business that is majority foreign owned.
  4. Any foreign national.
  5. Any gambling, or tobacco producers.
  6. Any organisation involved in animal testing or factory farming
  7. Any business monopolising media ownership
  8. Any other organisation the Executive deems unethical

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