Review planning laws

An independent review of planning laws and the processes behind development approvals (taking into account the Inquiry into Engagement with Development Application Processes in the ACT);

- establish an independent development review body that includes local residents that look at developments that exceed a particular size or impact on the community;
- introduce penalties for developers that do not comply with legislation, codes and standards;
- introduction of ACT building certifiers and building inspectors with appropriate powers to issue rectification orders;
- removal of ministers from fast-tracking or approving developments;
- overhaul planning laws to deliver better community consensus and outcomes;
- an independent review of the insurance schemes in the ACT to make sure owners are adequately covered against defective work, especially hidden defective work, and that builders can be held responsible for defective or poor workmanship.

Revision of Territory Plan to include:

- an independent team of recognised environmental experts to inform the Territory Plan so that all future developments in the ACT comply with eco-friendly, sustainable and liveable practices; and
- sensitive areas on and around Lake Burley Griffin to be earmarked for conservation and preservation for generations to come.

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